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Why Does Diabetes Increases Risk of Heart Attacks

Why Does Diabetes Increases Risk of Heart Attacks? It’s well-known that having Type 2 diabetes increases the risks of heart attack, but why is this? In this article, we’ll take…

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Defibrillators in GP Clinics Should be Standard

Why Every GP Office Needs a Defibrillator - Stat Did you know that people that suffer a cardiac arrest (SCA) while in a GP clinic are twice as likely to…

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Is a Plant-Based Diet Better for Your Heart?

In recent years, plant-based diets have become a significant trend, with sales of plant-based foods in the USA alone jumping 27% during 2020, and the global market for these products…

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We Answer Your Questions About Blood Pressure

Blood pressure –everyone knows it shouldn’t be too high or too low, but that’s about it! In this article, we’re answering some interesting questions about blood pressure; what it is,…

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