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AED Supplier

What to Look for in An AED Supplier

It is essential for workplaces, public spaces, schools and even multifamily buildings like apartments to prepare for medical emergencies such as a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), especially as we move…

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SCA Can Happen to Anyone, at Any Time

SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) can happen to anyone at any time, from young children and healthy adults to seniors and everyone in between. In fact, SCA kills over 20,000 people…

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

COVID-19, High Blood Pressure and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

While it’s important to maintain healthy blood pressure levels at any time, it’s even more important during the coronavirus pandemic. This is because medical research is showing that people with…

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What is a Defibrillator and When You Should Use One?

Defibrillators are critical emergency devices that help save lives every day. As a supplier of defibrillators to businesses, schools, public buildings and public spaces, we’re sharing some essential information about…

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