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Aed Defibrillator

Defibrillators to be mandatory in all public buildings under Australian-first laws introduced by SA-BEST

Defibrillators would be mandatory in all public buildings – including schools and universities, libraries, sporting facilities, local council offices and swimming pools - which the public has access to under…

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Aed Defibrillator

Cardiac arrest survivor thanks officers who came to his aid

Cardiac arrest survivor Murray Hanley has thanked paramedics during National Restart Your Heart Week. Mr Hanley was rushed to Wagga Hospital during August last year after he developed chest pain…

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Defibrillator Shopping Centre

Newly installed defibrillator saves man’s life at Blakes Crossing Shopping Centre

Ian Aldenhoven was dead for 16 terrifying minutes – but a newly installed, lifesaving machine and quick thinking by good Samaritans brought him back to life. The 60-year-old was waiting…

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Bystander Cpr

Defibrillators are so user-friendly it’s easy to save a life — if you’re quick enough

Helping someone survive a cardiac arrest is not always going to be the job of a medical expert — it could be down to you. Each year, more than 20,000…

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