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Want To Get Heart Healthy Adopt A Dog!

Want to Get Heart Healthy? Adopt a Dog!

For over 11,000 years, dogs have been helping humans thrive. From providing protection and herding livestock to providing meaningful companionship, our furry friends have made our lives easier, happier and…

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Mindfulness, Meditation And Heart Health

Mindfulness, Meditation and Heart Health

While there is no underestimating the importance of following a nutritious, healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, mindfulness and meditation can also play an important role in supporting a…

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Give Your Heart Some Love This February!

Give Your Heart Some Love This February!

If there’s one thing that symbolises February, it’s the heart! Although your usual heart health month events may be cancelled or restricted, there’s still plenty you can do to support…

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Everyone’s Guide To Physical Activity

Everyone’s Guide to Physical Activity

As Aussies, with our beautiful beaches, nature reserves and weather, we like to think of ourselves as a fit and healthy nation – but we aren’t. One in every two…

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