Together, we can save lives.

DefibsPlus is an Australian owned and operated company that is passionate about increasing the survival rate from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Our goal is to empower communities to save lives, by educating everyday people to play their part in the chain of survival.

Be ready to save a life

The problem

In Australia 486 people die every week from out-of hospital sudden cardiac arrest

At present, less than 9 people per week receive public access defibrillation using an Automated External Defibrillator. These emergency sudden cardiac arrest events occur in the home and in the community, far away from medical care. For every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation, chances of survival decrease by 10% – faster than any first responders can reach the victim.


In Australia only 12.5% of EMS treated out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest patients survive

As high as

Survival rates as high as 89% have been recorded when AEDs are used within the first 10 minutes following a SCA

The solution



Learn to save a life with the Monash University approved HeartSmart Program

Our FREE CPR and defibrillator training program gives you the knowledge you need to know when and how to act when SCA strikes. Learn to save a life in just 30 minutes


Get CPR ready

Get CPR ready and be prepared as a first responder
Cardio First Angel is a CPR compression device designed to assist a first responder in their CPR efforts until a doctor arrives.


Be responder-ready with CellAED® the portable defibrillator
CellAED® is an easy to use device that will make it possible for responders to have the tools and knowledge to act with confidence when it’s needed most.


Practise Learn. Practise. Repeat!
Designed to help you safely practise the application and use of your CellAED®
Learn, practise, repeat with CellAED TRAINERTM and CellAED TRAINERTM app
Practise and refine your defibrillator skills with the affordable CellAED TRAINERTM, a simplified training device that helps you gain confidence and improve your technique, so you can act quickly to potentially save a life.

How you can
make a difference

The community response is fundamental to improving SCA outcomes

SCA can strike with little or no warning, affecting people of all ages and genders, regardless of their health and fitness. Only bystanders are close enough to provide the rapid CPR and defibrillation needed to save a life. By applying CPR and using a defibrillator, you can dramatically improve survival rates. Become the hero every community needs.