Additional COVID Safe Measures are now in place to keep Victorians Safe

Victoria is now in a lockdown, after a spike in local COVID-19 cases, with an increase in infections confirmed in the Melbourne area and beyond. All the cases are said to be acquired locally, and these cases are being taken seriously. As public health officials work to pinpoint the source of these latest cases, additional COVID Safe measures are now in place across Greater Melbourne to help keep Victorians safe.

Face Masks are Now Mandatory

The face mask requirement is now mandatory from Thursday, 27th May, at 11:59, and applies to everyone aged 12 years and older. Face masks must be worn indoors and outdoors unless an exemption applies.

The mandatory mask rule will extend to all adults in authorised work, care and caregiving roles.

These additional measures are an important extra precaution while we await the results of testing and undertake widespread contact tracing to stamp out the virus.

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