Christian Eriksen – Brought Back to Life After Sudden Cardiac Arrest

When Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during Denmark’s Euro 2020 match against Finland, supporters, teammates and viewers around the world held their breath in shock. The 29-year-old athlete had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest without warning, suddenly falling to the ground during play, and highlighting how this serious cardiac event can strike like lightning. Thankfully, his story is not a tragedy but one of heroism, as he was brought back from death by the rapid use of an AED (automated external defibrillator), and is now sending his fans and well-wishers thanks as he recovers in hospital!

SCA Can Happen to Anyone, Anywhere, at Any Time – Even Athletes

When we think of serious cardiac events like SCA, it’s easy to think that it won’t happen to us – especially if we’re young, fit, and healthy. But SCA is not like other cardiac emergencies. It can happen to anyone – even someone as young and fit as a professional football player.

While what happened to Christian Eriksen shocked the world because of his fame and the fact that it took place on live television, the reality is that SCA is much more common than many of us realise. In Australia, SCA accounts for more than20,000 deaths each year, with around 17 million deaths being accounted for by SCA worldwide. That makes it the leading cause of death globally.

Christian Ericksen – One of the Luckiest People on Earth

According to the Danish team doctor who rushed onto the field to treat Christian Ericksen, his patient “was gone” before he was resuscitated through the use of an AED. SCA essentially stops the heart from beating effectively, shutting off the oxygen supply to the brain and vital organs. In as little as 10 minutes, long before emergency services can arrive, a patient will die if they don’t get treatment.

Christian Ericksen was exceptionally lucky because he had almost immediate access to a doctor who diagnosed the issue, medics who could supply CPR to keep oxygen flowing through his body, and rapid access to a defibrillator that restarted his heart on the first try.

Together, We Can Spread Luck Further – And Save Lives

Very few people would be as lucky to get the same rapid, expert support and treatment Christian Ericksen did, but we’re working to change that – with your help. At DefibsPlus, we supply AEDs and FREE defibrillator/CPR training across communities, businesses and neighbourhoods in Australia, teaching everyday people to become heroes in those critical 10 minutes before paramedics can arrive.

By investing in an AED and our Heart Smart Program, we can empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to recognise an SCA, support a patient before emergency services arrive onsite, restart their heart, and potentially save a life.

Thanks to AEDs and CPR, Christian Ericksen is still with us. Let’s help that miracle happen for more families around the world.