Shop – HeartSine Paediactric Replacement Battery & Pads 500p, 350p, 360p

HeartSine Paediactric Replacement Battery & Pads 500p, 350p, 360p


The same unique system as the Pad-Pak-03 for use on children from 1 – 8 years of age (under 25kg). Please note that while the Pad-Pak-04 is inserted, the feedback by blood flow through the heart is intentionally disabled due to the difference in a child’s physique.

Get over six hours of continuous monitoring with HeartSine Samaritan Adult Pad-Paks. Six hours translate into 60 shocks for emergency cardiac situations that adults may experience. These single-use pads offer worry-free maintenance for HeartSine AEDs, such as the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 450P and HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P.

HearatSine Samaritan Pads are innovative maintenance accessories that incorporate one expiration date for defibrillator batteries and electrodes. Essentially, users can simply exchange the Pad-Pak once it expires instead of getting separate items. Each Adult Pad-Pak states its expiration date behind the item.


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