When One May Not Be Enough

We’ve been so impressed to see how awareness around the importance of accessible defibrillators in our homes, workplaces, and public spaces is growing! We’re proud to see entire supermarket chains, shopping centres, and large workplaces really getting the message that access to a defibrillator and a little training for their staff can make all the difference in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Empowering Ordinary Staff to Become Extraordinary Heroes

At a recent national conference of caravan park business owners and managers, several attendees related wonderful stories of lives saved when staff were able to use basic CPR knowledge and a defibrillator to assist guests who had suffered SCA. Ordinary staff members became extraordinary heroes when, as non-medical bystanders, they were able to save a life. It’s stories like these that make our hard work worth it!

Sometimes One Defibrillator is Just Not Enough

However, these stories also highlighted an important issue – the need for businesses with significant acreages and those in multi-story buildings to provide more than one defibrillator to sufficiently cover the large footprint of the business.

This is important because there is a very short window of time to activate a successful response to a sudden cardiac arrest – as little as 6-8 minutes. Permanent brain and organ damage increases with each passing minute that the patient is in cardiac arrest, diminishing chances of successful resuscitation. That means that the time taken to run to collect the defibrillator and return to the victim must be short.

Having sufficient defibrillators makes it quick and easy for staff to get hold of these life-saving devices in time, not only helping to potentially save a life but to also limit potentially life-changing brain damage.

Plan Your Emergency Response with DefibsPlus

Businesses in large acreages or multi-storey buildings should consider the time it would take to access the defibrillator from any point in the complex, and whether additional devices are necessary.

DefibsPlus has recently worked with businesses with large footprints, such as caravan parks and retirement villages, to map the need for additional defibrillators to ensure that all areas of the business offer the protection of an accessible defibrillator should it be needed.

If you want to ensure that your staff and customers are protected across all areas of your business location, call us at DefibsPlus and we’ll provide you with expert assistance in planning your emergency response. This includes helping determine the right number of defibrillators for your footprint, storage and signage solutions for your defibrillators, and free training for your staff on how to provide CPR and use your new devices. We also offer a subsidy to assist your organisation in making this investment more affordable.

Contact us today and chat with our team. Together, we can all save lives!